In memory of our good friend - KAIN (r.i.p)


the band

Waidos very short story

Andrey "Dron" Suvoroff - guitar
Valentin "Kain" - bass
Julia - vocal
Alexandr "Motor" Kabochkin - drums

At the end of 20's century, a time when the word "hardcore" in Moscow knew a few people, three friends Andrew, Valentine and Alexandr got together and decided to play, just play for fun. A little later they were joined by Julia and then it all made complete sense. Play for fun, play from the heart, play to the people " around" - it's WAIDOS.

Real hardcore music and video

One day Studio record at the end of 2003 was called - "Demo" hah Heavy sound and the voice of Julia mixed into the powerful guitar riffs and drums. Members The band Waidos listened to such artists as
System Of A Down
and many more.
Tnx a lot and respect!!